Learning for difficult classes

Understand how you learn

College classes should challenge us, but some can feel particularly difficult for many reasons.  You can take control of your learning for those classes by using the most powerful study strategies we know about.  This will help you get the most out of your time, so what you're studying sticks with you, deepens your learning, and even makes it feel more purposeful and relevant to your life. Check out the following tips.

How to study for any kind of class

You can use the science of learning to super-charge your study habits.  To the right, we've listed a number of techniques you can use to make your studying faster and more efficient for any kind of content or class.  

But it might also help to think about all of these as falling into two big categories: One has to do with how to use your time and the other with the depth of your understanding. Click below to learn more specific methods that help with both.



The way you schedule and structure your study sessions

How to do it


Your understanding and mastery of the material

How to do it

How to study for any STEM course