Deepening Skills

When you choose classes that include or are based on these high impact learning experiences, you ensure you gain some of the Gallup Six experiences as you go through college.  Not sure which classes will count?  Talk to your academic advisor or to faculty members in your major. They can steer you in the right direction. Students in your major who are ahead of you in school or who are serving as tutors or peer mentors may also know about good opportunities because they participated in them.

Resources and opportunities

Need to pick up a particular set of skills? Discovered something you enjoy and want to learn more? IU has all sorts of self-paced, online, non-graded training that you can take advantage of to better hone your academic, life and career skills. Most are offered free of charge so dive in and find out what your options are!


Expand courses & IT Training

Expand is IU’s platform for delivering online non-credit and professional development coursework. You access courses through Canvas and most are offered free of charge. All you need to do is log-in and search using keywords to find available courses. Try searching using the following keywords: career skills, research posters, overseas study, mentoring, study skills. You can also find Career EDGE, Cornell Notes, Mind Over Chatter, Learning with Integrity, and the Student Guide to IU eTexts here. If you’re an online student, search for online as your keyword to find courses like the Student Online Toolkit, IU Online Test Drive, and Online Student Onboarding.

Visit Expand

UITS also offers self-paced training on their IT Training website. Some of these courses are also offered through an Expand version, but you can access the content at this site without registering through Expand. Often, there is a video of the training and exercise files to download so you can walk through the steps with the instructor. These courses focus on guiding users through getting started with common software packages used at IU (Kaltura, Zoom, Canvas, Microsoft products, Google products, Adobe products, and more).

Check out IT Training's self-paced courses


LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online, self-paced, non-graded learning platform that offers over 15,000 video courses to help you increase your technology, creative, and business skills. This would be a great way to augment your academic studies by adding a focused career skill to your repertoire. Some of your professors may even have you complete one of these video courses as part of the work for their class, so it is integrated into Canvas.

Courses cover topics such as time management, study strategies, or critical thinking; quick tips and training for common software packages like Excel, Powerpoint or Photoshop; as well as more typical training courses such as those for coding languages and statistical techniques.

Normally a monthly, paid subscription-based service, LinkedIn Learning is being offered to IU students for no extra cost. Check your options out by going into LinkedIn Learning and typing in a keyword in the search bar.  You may be surprised by what you find!

Check out LinkedIn Learning